Linked open government data - too soon?

Does anyone know of an Australian demonstration project (or real world application) of linked open government data?

I come across many people who are interested but struggle to get their head around how to easily publish linked data and how it would be consumed.

Is it too early to be talking to governments about publishing linked data?


Hi Stephen

We have been working with various government organisations in the UK on publishing and consuming linked data and I’d be happy to share some experiences of how that went (though haven’t worked with any Australian organisations).

It does indeed take more effort in data preparation than simply publishing a CSV or Excel file, but is aimed at a different set of use cases, more focused on data integration and API access to data to support visualisation or analysis.

Some examples:

UK Department for Communities and Local Government

with various examples of consuming data at

Also Hampshire Hub (Hampshire County Council and partners)

Feel free to get in touch on or off list for more details (

Best regards



Thanks @bill, I’ll send you an email with some specific questions and share here as appropriate.

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