Results of calculator?!

Hey guys,
I am new at this page and I don’t know too much about taxes and stuff which is why I am wondering about the results of the tax calculator on It is probably a stupid question but if you enter for example a salary of 10000 pounds, your tax duty is 1175 pounds. Regarding the contributions to the different government sectors (Running Gov., Defence, …) those sum up to a little more than 3 pounds. What happens to the rest of the taxes one has to pay?! Or am I using wrong units?


Hi @ank88 if you don’t mind, I’ve moved this topic to the OpenSpending category. Where Does My Money Go? is based on OpenSpending.

I think the hint’s in the name: The Daily Bread shows tax contributions per day, not per year.

Haha, thanks! Indeed, that makes sense! ^^