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Hey all,

just some fun links I gathered this week:

  • I hadn’t realised that supports cross-budget comparison with per-capita/area/employee-normalisation. It’s worth a look (they are lucky in that they receive all municipal budgets classified the same way). They shared the code with me, and I think they’re doing a lot of related work, e.g. to the SPD.
  • I wrote up the state of SpenDB.
  • Stiivi’s cubes is about to see it’s 1.1 release, which cleans up the codebase. I’ve started a bit of work on an angular client library which could tie the cubes API to pivot tables and graphs (e.g. nvd3). Since this is entirely independent of SpenDB, I wonder whether this might be a good point for future collaborations. Running a cubes API endpoint on OSDP should be possible given the recent enhancements of the spec.
  • While they are a bit late to OpenSpending’s decision, I found these two pieces by Martin Fowler about micro-services architectures quite interesting: Monolith First, Microservice Premium.


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Thanks for sharing. Is the code for open source (couldn’t find the link)? I’d also love to hear more about the other work they are doing, especially as related to Spend Publishing Dashboard.

SpenDB is looking good - thanks for sharing, and angular-cubes looks very cool - do you ever sleep :smile: ?

#3 is a closed repo, apparently - they seem to have committed some passwords. But it’s a Django app, keeping a relatively detailed model of government structures in a database, and all of the transactional data in ElasticSearch.