Sharing Spend Data Use Cases

As part of the proposed changes to Open Spending, it would be good to collect use cases and user stories to flesh out what people want and expect to be able to do with spend data (whether or not it can be done with Open Spending at present).

Feel free to add directly here, or, add links to documents, etc.


Linked here is this document describing scenarios from our experience in Israel.

Have started an overall set of high level “user” user stories and epics for OpenSpending here:

Inlining some here:

IATI case

As a Funder for aid projects I want to know how much total aid is going to specific projects from all other funders so that I can understand my contribution

As a Funder for aid projects I want to know how much money in total is going to specific thematic areas (e.g. HIV, water provision) so that I can understand the shape of the sector


wants a quick viz
See biggest recipient of funds
Get notified when new spending happens going to company X
Search my own spending
Citizen Budget Site

Investigative CSO

  • See how much company X gets
  • Compare expenditure in area A with area B

Citizen Budget Site

Hey @Ido

(disclaimer: I know Ido well, and we work on budget data in Israel together)

Thanks for starting off!

You talk a bit about contextual data there (inflation, population). It might be helpful to start a list of types of contextual data that would be really useful for your use case, as I’m sure there is a huge amount of crossover here (data points that give depth to monetary amounts).

Hey. Sorry for taking my time on this; we just won a local municipal app competition (as you may know), and turns out we got ourselves our first city customer - Jerusalem… :smile:

Now - as for contextual data, it is generally divided into two groups:

“Exogeous” context:

Inflation rates, employement rates, conversion rates (if applicable),

“endogenous” context:

population, pop. growth (immigration +/-), number/% of students, number/% of elderly citizens, area of municipality, vehicles count, pollution details, avg/median salary, etc.

@Anna_Alberts may be useful thread for you.