Stop using Google Hangouts, Jitsi Meet works as a fully Open option

#1 is now fully usable, is smooth, reliable, featureful, private and secure, and 100% Open licensing. It didn’t used to be good enough to make the cut, but it’s made tons of progress. We use it for now, and we’re quite happy.

I really urge everyone and all Open Knowledge projects to stop hypocritically using proprietary tools when we have acceptable Open alternatives. Let’s stick to Jitsi Meet, promote it, list it, and continue moving to other Open options in other areas wherever non-Open tools are still being used.

#2 isn’t intended to be exclusively for Wikimedia organizations; would be interesting to see a comprehensive entry for Open Knowledge there.


@Luis assuming you are indeed chairing the OD Advisory Committee, wanted to mention to you. I propose we use from now on for meetings.

Eventually, okfn site could host their own instance of Jitsi Meet, but that’s not necessary right now.


Sounds neat. However I tried a session just now and wasn’t able to change the camera that was pre-selected via the UI. It defaulted to the back camera and even if I had a work around this would present a barrier for those joining a session.

Have bookmarked it to keep an eye on how it develops :slight_smile:


@Starl3n ah, hadn’t considered multi-camera devices, never come upon that yet. FWIW, I don’t know how common a problem that will be for anyone, but looks like they are working on it:


Thanks @wolftune I’ve subscribed to that thread. The issue might be fairly limited to those who use tablets like the Surface Pro as their main device (like me), but I know a lot of people who have begun to primarily work from a Surface Pro over the last year.