Swiss Elections '23 x #moneyinpolitics

Last weekend, the Swiss went to the polls, and we are already digging into the efficient publication of open data of the results. Our latest project is, a cooperation with journalists and watchdog organizations aiming to support the new transparency rules that require all political parties to submit their campaign financials.

Some additional background, analysis and an opportunity to support our crowdfunding campaign can be found here:


Congratulations @loleg on the crowd funding campaign! Inspiring work :slight_smile:

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This is a really interesting project @loleg We have just had a referendum in Australian on recognition of First Nations people in our constitution which was, unfortunately, heavily defeated. One of the reasons for this result was the huge amount of disinformation circulating about what would happen if the yes vote succeeded. I am very interested in the potential use of open data in helping to ensure election integrity and am currently writing a piece on this for the company I work for, Link Digital. I am keen to to include this example in the piece.