This weekend: Open data in FinTech

At the beginning of March there will be a hackathon organized by one of the main providers of financial infrastructure and services in Switzerland, run simultaneously in Zurich and in London. I will run a workshop as part of this hackathon on behalf of, sharing some experiences with finance data (2012, 2013, 2015) and encouraging teams to consider open alternatives. If there are suggestions on how to incorporate OpenSpending or other complementary sources, what kind of messages are important to share in the context of FinTech, or any other tips - I would be keen to hear them.


I think simply introducing OpenSpending, its new stack (v2) and Fiscal Data Package would be a good start. If you need a sample deck we have some intro decks already prepped.

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@rufuspollock thanks for the tips, I’ll keep that in mind. Our hosts are eager to have a coach from the open data community taking part in the London event. If you are interested and need a ticket or some more details, please let get in touch.

I’ve drafted a brief quickstart with your recommendations, and will post the final version here. Thanks again for the tips and let me know if you have any others.

we will try to put data of the Austrian region of Carinthia to openspending. Carinthia is the federal state that is nearly bancrupt, furthermore we will try to free some data from the Austrian federal report on grants and subsidies to make it open data…

our OpenDataDay contribution takes place in Vienna, Austria

We had a small community meeting for #OpenDataDay, and you can get impressions of how open data played a role in the fintech event from my slides and coverage here.