Tell us your story: How do you use GODI? How can GODI support your work?


Dear all,

The Global Open Data Index (GODI) went through profound changes this year. For example, we tried to facilitate the submission process through a better survey interface. Our results should be presented in a better way so that users could interpret the GODI results better, and make better use of the data we capture.

Designing GODI means to strike a balance between different user needs: We address open data advocates who want to monitor change in their countries. Governments want to use the index to see how their open data initiatives compare worldwide, or learn from our assessment to improve their provision with open data. Researchers use GODI as a link list to better find open datasets they need. And then there are those users who want to teach others about open data by using our survey process. Some community members feel that GODI’s design has improved, others say that it is not useful for their work.

Therefore we want to learn from you!

How do you use GODI?
What features are important to you and for what reason?
How can we improve GODI to make it more relevant for your work and interests?

We are looking forward to hear more about your thoughts.

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