New report out: Governing by rankings - How the Global Open Data Index helps advance the open data agenda

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce our latest report ‘Governing by rankings - How the Global Open Data Index helps advance the open data agenda.’ Over the years we observed how GODI is used to monitor open data publication. But to date, less was known how​ ​GODI​ ​may​ ​translate​ ​into​ ​open​ ​data​ ​policies​ ​and publication​. How does GODI mobilise support for open data and which actors are mobilised?

Our latest report provides first insights to these questions. Drawing from a series of twelve interviews and document analysis, it suggests that GODI drives change primarily from within government by setting bottom-lines for improvement, providing basis for dialogue, creating international visibility, and maintaining support for open data in absence of policies. The report and our accompanying blogpost also outline future scenarios for GODI and the Open Data Survey.

Since many in this forum have been active supporters of GODI (some of you for many years) we would love to hear your feedback about the findings. What is your experience engaging with GODI? Do our findings resonate with developments in your country context? Do you have very different experiences, and are there other lessons to learn that could help design open data surveys in the future?

We are very much looking forward to hear from you.


Great work :slight_smile: Thank you for this Danny. I am going to read it and get back to you soon.

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