The email address is not working

Hi everyone!

Is anyone in charge/getting any messages at economics[at]
I’ve emailed recently a report of a recent portuguese bank/scandal that failed but my email got delivered. I check on IRC if there was any problem with that address and apparently there is a bouncer that is messing that bit up. However, that same person told me that the other recipients of that address should receive the message.

Up until now, I got no replies from that email and once I’ve stumbled in our Wiki page again, I notice the email is mentioned a couple of times. It got me thinking whether that email address is working or not.

Does anyone know anything about this?
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I’m pulling this from HERE, as it already been posted, if this isn’t allowed, sorry:

The relevant email address for community requests is in the Open Knowledge Ops Manual

Edit: for reference, our sysadmins are Nigel and Matt and they’re very friendly. I always feel a bit awkward emailing anonymous addresses.

Thanks for sharing @belkinsa.

I will send an email to our system administrators to check this situation.
Nevertheless, I was hoping to check if someone here is one of the recipients of that mail and if s/he is receiving emails at that address.

Once again, thank you

Oh, I see. I can read. But I think you should e-mail them to if you haven’t done so.

Already emailed that address :smiley: Thanks :thumbsup:

@gsilvapt to update I believe email address is working but folks on that alias are not responding promptly (suggesting we should appoint new custodians for it!).

@rufuspollock, I was aware of that before and also mentioned here that I’m interested in lead the work group to restart some projects and get more people involved. To do so, I’d necessarily need to be the a recipient of that address and also in charge of the Twitter account. Sooner or later, it will change but it’s a temporary solution, I guess.

Thanks :thumbsup:

@gsilvapt just to let you know this is being actioned and should have this moving very soon.

@rufuspollock, thanks for the heads up and for taking care of this issue :smiley:

Sorry for the double post: Apparently, this issue is solved (or going to solved in the next couple of days). Should we archive this thread? Thank you.