The new Open Knowledge newsletter!


We have a new format for the Newsletter. We want to use it to share with our broad network what’s going on with our projects and upcoming events we’re organising that could be relevant to you. You can check it out here.

Any feedback is always welcome.


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Can the newsletter be open?

I got a copy of the newsletter, and all of the links are obfuscated tracking links. Can they be changed to be transparent links that let me see where I’d go if I click, aren’t on privacy/ad blocklists, and don’t track me?


thanks for the feedback @mlinksva. We’ll look into it. We just changed the tools we’re using and we still need to figure out some stuff.


Both problems still exist in the December newsletter, received 3 days ago.


CC @SierraWilliams - she can assist


Hello @mlinksva - many thanks for your feedback. I have now adjusted the newsletter format so that all future content will be licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license. Much more fitting than the standard copyright all rights reserved language!

Though we are aware of the privacy concerns and are sensitive of these issues, we use tracking links in order to gain insight into what our community are actually interested in reading. This information is enormously helpful so that we can determine where to focus more attention over the next few months to ensure future newsletters are featuring similarly relevant and useful stories.

To avoid the tracking links, you can view the newsletter in your email browser (there is a link at the top of all newsletters to the browser version). The links are transparent in the browser version. I know this isn’t ideal and requires an extra step on your part but I hope this is a happy medium so we can continue to keep on top of what the community is most interested in and ensuring our newsletters are effectively communicating the great work undertaken across Open Knowledge International.

Do let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, or feel free to email me directly about this -