Topics needed for 2016Q1 Newsletter

Hey everyone - we need your help! Its almost time for the 2016Q1 newsletter and that means we need to hear about what you have been up to over the last few months. Have you written some great code? Started a new project? Changed the world? Let us know!

Submitting an item for inclusion in the newsletter is easy! Open a new issue on the Open Knowledge Labs issue tracker here.

A good submission will help us get the newsletter organized efficiently, and would ideally include:

  • A title that is succinct, and describes the item well
  • A link (or links) to the project/initiative you are submitting
  • A single paragraph that presents an introduction to the project/initiative

You’ll be updated as to the inclusion of the submission in the newsletter via the same issue.

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Can you make sure to include mention of the latest core datasets? They are announced through the OKFNLabs twitter account, so you can have a quick look there:




Will do, Paul.

All the best,
Josh Wieder