The Open Revolution


Hi all,

On 12 June, Rufus Pollock is launching his new book ‘The Open Revolution’!

"Forget everything you think you know about the digital age. The simple truth is that it’s not about privacy, AI or blockchain–it’s about the rules of ownership. And hope lies in the fact that we can change them in a radically better way.

Today who owns information has power; and when owned by the few and their global monopolies it generates political instability and threatens our freedom.

The Open Revolution offers a vision where digital information is owned not by the few but is open to all. Choosing Open is a chance to transform our economies and societies, to use the extraordinary potential of digital abundance to build a better, more equal, and freer world.

Will the digital revolution give us information democracies or information empires? The answer lies not in technology but in a political choice: a choice between making information Open, freely accessible to all, or, making it Closed, exclusively owned and controlled. Today who owns information has power; when owned by a few individuals and their global monopolies it generates political instability and a threat to freedom, but OPEN would allow abundance for all.

We don’t have to choose between growth or justice, we can have both, it’s all about how we set the rules of the digital game."

The book’s website is at, and you are invited to join the launch on 12 June in London:

Hope you will join us in spreading the open revolution :slight_smile: Get in touch here on the forum if you want to know more!

Best, Lieke