Frictionless Data websites

What’s happening with the Frictionless Data websites? and appear to be very similar except the first having links to data.

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Hi @Stephen! There’s an open issue for moving all the static content on to Move this repo from okfn to as ideas tracker (and split out codebase) · Issue #206 · frictionlessdata/project · GitHub which I’m working on. What would you like to see in a site?

For starters:

  • A simple guide to explain to non-IT people on how to:

  • automatically create/infer a json table schema based their tabular data.

  • how to refine the schema with extra constraints (ideally drawing from a library of common constraint patterns)

  • how to create the data package

  • How these files then can be published and visualised in their portal (starting with CKAN).

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I’m starting down the path of addressing some of your suggestions. Can you take a look at (and try following) these guides? Feedback more than welcome :blush: . I’m sure things can be rearranged and made clearer.