United Kingdom / What does 0% open really mean?

I am copying here my reply from the other thread, about the company register in Romania. It is the same text but I have seen this more general discussion too late.

Well, in theory it sounds very good. But in practice, you have a red flag saying that data „It’s not publicly available” which is the same for a dataset that does not exist, and one that exists, is in open format and under open license, and contains all the indicators, except one (which, by the way, is not the most relevant). And for both situation you put a big 0% label.

To understand the difference between the „0% for a dataset that does not exist” and „0% for a dataset in open format, under open license, missing a slightly less relevant indicator”, one should read the methodology and a lot of explanations on some obscure forum.

Maybe if you try to look from the user perspective for a moment, you will understand why this approach, as valid as it may be from the academic point of view, is almost completely irrelevant for my advocacy work.

And one more thing: I can accept and be fine if I am not in your target group. I can use other products for my work. But because I contributed to the GODI in the past, and I used it with some success, I felt the need to express my lack of satisfaction with the current evolution.