China / What does 0% open really mean?



China all is 0% in 2016?no rankin? why? But 18% in 2015!


Dear @yinghliu,

The Global Open Data Index only includes countries for which we receive submissions from our network of contributors. This is because the Index seeks to be a civil society audit, and driven by the civic open data community. This year we did not receive submissions for China, which is why we could not include it. China was indeed a big one to miss and we hope to strengthen our contributor base in the future.



Dear @dannylammerhirt

Thanks for your reply.
How to become a contributor of your network? I am very concerned about China’s ranking. I hope to see the rank of China next year.

Best Wishes


Dear @yinghliu,

We are happy to hear that you would like to contribute to the index. The next index will be open for submission by anyone, but we do not have a date yet. We will keep you updated in this forum, but let me also add @sandervdwaal and @tlacoyodefrijol to our conversation. They are managing our network activities and are very happy to follow up.

Let’s get China into the Index 2018 again :wink:


Great! Let’s get China into the Index 2018 again!