Upcoming changes to datahub.io


Hi Everyone!

We wanted to flag some exciting, upcoming near-term changes for datahub.io:

  • datahub.io is getting rebooted using a new Frictionless Data style data platform - initially in alpha mode
  • Current datahub.io will relocate to old.datahub.io where it will be permanently available. We will be implementing redirects and all dataset URLs (and API urls) on datahub.io should continue working through redirection to old.datahub.io
  • The switchover will happen in the next week or so

If you have any questions let us know – and me especially!


New organisation request
New Organization Request (TuColeCerca)
Organisation access request: ADAPT Centre

The front page for the new website looks ok (clean design, etc).

Logging in though isn’t working at the moment. It asks me to authorise “DataHub by datopianbot”, which I do as it’s only asking for read only access to email addresses. (eg no permissions overreach, which is good)

It then tries to load a success message, but errors out with “Error 521 Website down” from Cloudflare, and then bounces to a different Cloudflare error “Error 502 Bad gateway”.

No amount of retrying does anything, so… definitely looks like teething issues are still occurring. :wink:

Hopefully it gets resolved without too much pain.



Ahhh, turns out the right place to report bugs is this GitHub repo. Someone reported the problem an hour ago, and it’s now working:



Looking through the new website now that it’s logged in, in my profile page it’s saying “PLAN = Basic”. Guessing that means there will be tiers and/or paid offerings.

What kind of pricing model(s) are being considered? :slight_smile:


@justinclift first thanks for reporting the issue and confirming it is fixed :slight_smile:

What kind of pricing model(s) are being considered? :slight_smile:

We’re still thinking about this. Do you have any suggestions?

We could imagine some supporter level – just for people who want to support the service financially (a bit like the original trello gold). We also have thought about some kind of charge based on space used (perhaps at close to cost - storage still costs money!) and also for things like private datasets.

We really want to make this service long-term sustainable – not just in terms of pure running costs, but in terms of continually improving it. Based on our 10y+ experience of building and running these services we know that takes resources as well as a committed community.


Not yet. It’s not an aspect of things we’ve addressed with ours either yet, though we’ll need to as well.

Pretty much the same motivation as us (dbhub .io, demo server here). Open Source is good and all, but it really needs to be sustainable. And (for us at least), done in a way that enhances our Community instead of damaging or draining it. Donation-ware isn’t really a go-er (for us at least) long term. :wink:


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datahub.io seems to be offline at the moment.
old.datahub.io appears to be working, though.


datahub.io is working for me.


It’s back. It was probably a temporary downtime yesterday.