Unable to download several data sets upload to DataHub.io


Some months ago, in a local hackathon, we upload information about Colombian public contracts in this DataHub dataset. Today, when I click the “Go to the resource” link I got a 404 not found. The same is happening with other datasets upload by my community in the HackBo organization, which brings some concern.

There is any way to recover back the information in DataHub and be sure it is there, available in a trusted way?

It looks like the data is still there, but the link is broken:


Should be:


Going to the resource page and just hitting “Update Resource” seems to have fixed :thumbsup: . Can you try this on the other datasets?

cc: @amercader

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your quick reply and yes, hitting update resource for other data sets have solved the issue. I’m now offered downloading them. I have not checked the files, but the should be OK.


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