Update these Index and Census pages to send conversations to this forum

The following pages need to be updated to send conversations here instead of the mailing list:

On the Global Open Data Index

on the Open Data Census

on Local and Regional Census

  • each census custodian to check. I didn’t find anything in the footer, or forms.

and elsewhere:

@pwalsh are you able to coordinate these changes?

Hi @Stephen

That will have to be @Mor

I’ll ping her.

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At a global level, OK may want to change Contact us to refer to https://discuss.okfn.org/ instead of lists.okfn.org Mailing Lists

And adjust the description on lists.okfn.org Mailing Lists to refer to the new forum as the place to discuss.

@Mor, given you’ve told the Census mailing list “we’re moving to discuss.okfn.org”, is it time to update the links on the pages listed above?

Yes, you are right! We actually need to do so to all instances!

@pwalsh and I will speak about it tomorrow. Thank you for the reminder!

I updated the census doc pages, and they are live.

I also updated the index pages, but they will not go live until we do a new deployment of the index.

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@pwalsh any reason why the url on http://census.okfn.org/local/ to this forum is not a hyperlink?

Duplicate “discussion forum” on http://census.okfn.org/site-admins/ in the three Translating… sections

<li>Notify the Open Data Census Managers on the discussion forum<a href="https://discuss.okfn.org/c/open-data-index">discussion-forum</a> that the translation is done</li>

These don’t appear to be updated: