Survey changes for 2016 - no modifications till October

As you may have already read, this year we’re revamping the survey with a whole new methodology that will give us a better perception of data quality and availability. Along with the new survey we’re also redesigning the whole software; we’re making it more user friendly and taking into account the feedback we’ve got from the community during the past couple of years.

We are merging the Index and Census templates, implementing all the UI changes, and will keep you posted as we get closer to launch. Since these are significant changes, we’ve decided to pause the translations, or modifications in the survey until we launch the new version. Any changes made during these months will not be comparable with the new survey, so we will recommend that you wait until we have the now tool set for use.

In the meantime if you decide to use the Census, we recommend to either fork the tool or make sure all the data you capture is used in the next couple of months, so you don’t lose any of these valuable inputs.

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Can you confirm that entries made prior to the change will not be lost and will continue to be displayed in the census for 2016?

Also how do you intend to display entries for 2016 in local and regional census given that they will straddle the change in methodology?

Hi Stephen,

The most likely scenario is that we won’t handle mid-year changes for local and regional instances: rather, we’ll let those run for 2016, and ask them to collect data on the new codebase from January 1, 2017. That will remove a whole class of errors and confusion. Still, a final decision on that depends on some more progress on the code changes for the new methodology.

@brook @KatelynRogers

is it now ok to submit updates re 2016?

what is the likely input deadline, reviews deadline and publication deadline? for example, mid september, late september and IODC 6-7 October 2016?