User Story #12: As a data activist I want an ODD that connects organically with grassroot efforts

I was invited by @morchickit to share this User Story more widely in the mailing list site (I imagine is this one) so here is the link:

Any comments are welcomed.


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Here is great!

But I actually meant this list - Redirecting to Google Groups

Ohh I even did’nt know about such list (I’m on so many). I know there is way to become member of such list without having a gmail account, but Google tries hard to hide it. Any advice on how to post there and becoming member easily?


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I know, this google list is frustrate me as much as it frustrates you!
Google allows to people with no google account to be part of the list though. PM your address and I’ll add you.

Hi, There is no need. I have a mail account where I was already registered. (So dismiss my mailing details for suscription). I will post the info from that account.