Videos on OK Video Acc


Hi guys,

a few years ago we used the okf international vimeo acc to upload our videos.
Now we noticed, that all our videos have been moved to vimeo archive, because the pro membership has expired.

Unfortunately we can’t access our videos any more, a download is also not possible. Could you please renew the membership, so we could gain access to our videos again? We would love to download them and upload them on our local youtube acc.

Thanks a lot


Hey there, sorry to hear this happened - we didn’t realize other stuff was on there.

@nealbastek will be back tomorrow and we’ll look into this asap. We definitely can solve this quickly either by paying them the $300 annual fee or by finding a way to download videos on there.


Hi Rufus, thanks a lot for helping out! Please ping us back as soon as we get access to our videos again.


Hi, sorry for the delay - please see your email for details for accessing the Vimeo account, and do contact me on Skype if you have any problems downloading the videos you need.