End of Life for OpenSpending v2 and Where Does My Money Go

Hi everyone,

We’d like to announce that on August 1st 2018 the OpenSpending v2 website and API will be shut down. Please migrate any data you rely on from the v2 API to OpenSpending v3, also known as Open Spending Next, by that date. With the end of life for OpenSpending v2, instances of Where Does My Money Go will also cease to work, and Where Does My Money Go will also be End of Lifed.

Read on for more details.

The current OpenSpending codebase, “Open Spending Next” or “Open Spending v3”, has been in use on a variety of projects and with a range of partners for over 3 years now. This version of OpenSpending is based on Fiscal Data Package, an open data specification for fiscal data, and is used by governments and civic tech organisations around the globe.

2.5 years ago, we moved OpenSpending v2 to read-only mode. Shortly after, we gave a detailed status update on OpenSpending Next, and just under a year ago we officially launched “OpenSpending Next” as “OpenSpending”, and moved OpenSpending v2 to a legacy domain, still in read only mode, in order to best support v2 API users.

After this long period, we will finally End of Life OpenSpending v2, and shut down the services that we run for OpenSpending v2, which includes what is now https://legacy.openspending.org and http://app.wheredoesmymoneygo.org

All instances of Where Does My Money Go (WDMMG), including the original run on outdated code, and more importantly, old data, and the instances we run of WDMMG will redirect to https://openspending.org after August 1st 2018.

Where Does My Money Go was a groundbreaking app for its time, but the fields of open data, civic tech, and fiscal transparency have moved on, and we do not intend to revive WDMMG to use OpenSpending v3. If there is community interest, we can help co-ordinate work on updating WDMMG to work with OpenSpending v3 APIs and visualisation libraries, by providing high-level guidance, but it would need to be driven by community maintainers.

Please feel free to ask any questions here in this thread, and to share this post widely. I am on hand to respond over the coming weeks, along with @adam.kariv .

If you have questions about migrating existing data, please ask us here in this thread, or on our chat channel for OpenSpending.


Hi everyone,

A final reminder that OpenSpending v2 and Where Does My Money Go will be shut down. August 1st passed with some of us on holidays, and now the shutdown will occur over the coming week. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Is there not a way we can archive wddmg so it still works - we just need to cache the requests etc. Sorry i only just saw this.

Hey @rufuspollock

I’m not aware of any way we can do this without significant development effort, which we cannot afford, in time or money.

Happy for contributions from the community, but do not see another way forward on this right now.

Right now, OS v2 (WWMMG relies on its API) costs us over $500/month in hosting.

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I web recorded “Where Does My Money Go?”

The web recorded collection is here:

It is also possible from there to download the collection in web archive format, and view the archive with local tools, such as:

Currently, I plan to redirect the WDMMG domain to the webrecorder.io URL for the archive.

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