What is the best API for up to date national economic statistics?



Hi there, I am working on an initiative called factmata (factmata.com). The aim is that given a particular claim e.g. “US unemployment is skyrocketting”, we want to build a tool for users to be able to view a chart, graph or figure from best official source for this on the page via a Chrome extension.

Our original source of data was the World Bank databank, but this we have realised has only annual statistics and stopped updating in 2014 for most statistics. Thus, if a user is checking a statement like “unemployment is at 6%” on Twitter, seeing a chart of a figure that stopped in 2014 isn’t very helpful.

Thus, what is the most up to date source of national statistics? Else, if we can’t directly interface with an API, how can we trigger a web search amongst a portal of up to date national statistics (one site for all countries), else even have a whitelist of relevant URLs for each countries statistics (non-aggregated, country by country, site by site). I am also looking at Statista and Knoema and tradingeconomics.com.


Hi @ghulatid! Are you looking primarily for US data or international?


International! But most of our users will be US or Europe so we can compromise perhaps…


For US data try:

For Europe and international data try:

Hope this helps!


Check out OpenKAPSARC https://datasource.kapsarc.org Every dataset is consumable via API. Focus regions are GCC, India and China.

Dataset themes include
Crude Oil & Refined Products, Natural Gas, Coal, Renewable & Alternative Fuels, Nuclear, Electricity, Water, Transportation, Industry, Residential, Agriculture, Environment, Economy, Demography, Trade and Policies.

Check out https://www.kapsarc.org/openkapsarc/ for more energy and economics open models and tools for advancing research.


I just came across this company:

They seem to have done the job of everyone since 2011 and gathered all the world’s economic statistics! Had never heard of them. Anyone used them or have any experience with Knoema?