Multiple ways to get the same dataset


I’m Wagner, from Brazil, and I’m submitting national statistics dataset for the 2016 open data index.
Here in Brazil, this dataset is provided by IBGE, a federal government statistics agency.
But there are many ways - and many links - to get the same kind of data.
Also, there are other agencies (like the brazilian applied economic research institute and brazilian central bank) that replicate the same data into different formats and databases.
My question is: should I put all the links or should I choose one? And if I have to choose, what criteria should I use to choose?


Hi Wagner,

You can add one and include all this information (and maybe a link to the same dataset in another site) in the comment section next to the question.



this specific issue has been discussed quite extensively on this forum in the aftermath of the 2015 Index. I think it is especially problematic in the National Statistics dataset, as the definition is so broad:

Key national statistics on demographic and economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or unemployment and population statistics.

that it is unlikely for so many different kinds of data to be contained in a single dataset. That would not even be considered a good practice anyway. So, I think that for this dataset it should be expected that submitters of all countries will find multiple different datasets.