What makes an #openhealth project?


For the Open Health Map wall at MozFest 2014, @katemural came up with a periodic table of open elements that could in combination define an open health project. These were:

Citizen Science (advancement of science/knowledge through participation of broader community)
Free Culture (a movement to make the fabric of society/cornerstones of culture free and openly accessible)
Open Access (a movement to make knowledge and data open and freely accessible for all)
Open Content (a way to generate information, knowledge, content)
Open Data (a way to share information)
Open Methods (a way to operate a project or business)
Open Participation/Grassroots Empowerment
Open Source Software
Open Source Hardware

Is this a good typology - are there any elements missing that apply to your open health project? Comments on the extent to which a project needs to include the above in various combinations to be considered ‘open’ are also welcome.