Why does my TimeMapper not re-render after an Google Docs edit?

Hello. I have a timemapper drafted (impermanent) at

which, as it happens, was created by publishing a first-sheet within a longer Google Docs spreadsheet. And all was well for some time.

But then, after an edit, it stopped rendering, and hasn’t re-rendered since.

I was able to create a new one with the same data (changed substantially by now) at

But I wonder what has gone wrong?

Thanks, -Al

I think its broken because the the data link is a pubhtml rather than the original spreadsheet link:


Just go and edit the spreadsheet link to be the standard one in google docs and it should be fixed (if logged in you should be able to edit the timemap info including url by clicking the edit link at the top right of the timemap page)

Ok, excellent. Evidently deleted the TimeMap but I will use this approach if issue recurs.

Thanks for this clarification.