A new datasets for ODI: local crimes

Obviously, its one of the major datasets that should be in an ODI, because it corresponds to people’s safety. And no wonder that it is in G8 Open Data Charter high value data list.

As well as Health data, that should be considered too.

“Local” - means some minimum level of crime locality, for example, city block, ideally - separate building, instead of general city or city districts statistics.

Do you mean the Global or Local Index?
Crime data is collected in different authorities in different countries, so it is hard to have it in an assessment that looks at national datasets.
Also, crime data in the granularity that you mention can actually harm privacy… just something to think about. Crime data is imorrtant, but is also sensitive.

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Both, as data should be accessible on any level that they are.
And how difficult is data collection can be an indexing criteria.

For example, in Ukraine we have State Pre-court Crime Investigation Register where all registered crimes are. We can’t get data in a bulk directly from it, but we can get them by parts from a regional internal affairs headquarters.

Yes, privacy is an important aspect to debate.

But only some cases can be considered as harmful.
I can name crimes on sexual basis, against children or some intrafamily crimes committed in a private houses.

As I work in this area I have several solutions for those cases:

  1. Adaptable locality level: set limit for address details to street/block level;
  2. Use regular grid of coordinates to place crimes.

But take to account that absence of detailed crimes location data looks much more harmful for society.

This a dataset that should be taken with care, crime data mostly reflects police activity rather than actual crime.

Hello, I think this is a good idea to include in the index at some point. I do have just a short request. Is any of you aware of -or involved in- any organizations working on open data for crime and justice? We’re looking for cases anywhere, but especially in Africa and/or Asia. Please link or tag them here or in private to justiciaabierta@jus.gob.ar

For context:
I have been asked by the Open Justice Program of the Ministry of Justice of Argentina :argentina: to help write next year’s paper on the state of the art of open data for crime and justice by OD4D. We are currently drafting the environmental scan, and trying to pinpoint what the state of the art currently is. So any other idea in that regard is also welcome.

What can be done is just to collect data from news portal “online” (by keyword - scrapping) as I don’t think local authorities will give data for an “open” usage. (I speak for Madagascar case) … but yet, this won’t cover the whole countries but only cases covered by medias.

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