A new home for Frictionless Data specifications


Hello all.

Announcing two small, but important, changes to how we organize work we’ve done around specifications for Frictionless Data.

  1. We have migrated all Frictionless Data (i.e. Data Packages) specifications from dataprotocols.org to specs.frictionlessdata.io.
  2. All other Data Protocols specifications and materials have been migrated to specs.okfnlabs.org.

Some background:

For the past five years Data Protocols (dataprotocols.org) has served as the home for a community-run effort to create “simple protocols and formats for working with open data”. Frictionless Data specifications (i.e. those related to defining and working with Data Packages) have been an especially successful element of this work. So much so, that we now have a dedicated Frictionless Data project for advancing not only the specifications, but the tooling and documentation around them.

In talking to developers and other users about this project, it has become clear that it is sometimes confusing how the specifications listed on dataprotocols.org related to the information found on frictionlessdata.io. We believe integrating all work related to Frictionless Data (including specs, tools, and guides) under one domain, frictionlessdata.io, can bring some clarity.

So, going forward, Frictionless Data specifications will now live at specs.frictionlessdata.io and will continue to be developed in the open via the frictionlessdata/specs issue tracker.

Likewise, specifications unrelated to Frictionless Data will live at specs.okfnlabs.org and will continue to be developed in the open via the okfn/specs issue tracker.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on this move.

Original announcement here: https://github.com/frictionlessdata/specs/issues/263