Announcing v1.0 release of Frictionless Data Specifications


Great news!

Today, the Frictionless Data team is proud to announce the release of v1 of Frictionless Data specifications.

We invite you to read all about the updated Table Schema, CSV Dialect, Data Package, and Data Resource specs, the code libraries behind their implementation in Python, Javascript, Ruby and PHP, and ongoing implementations in R, Go, and Java:

We also welcome all your questions and feedback here on Discuss or on Frictionless Data Gitter chat.


Very nice :slight_smile:

I would like to translate the page and publish it on our Medium channel:

Is that OK?


Hello Marco,

That would be excellent, go for it!

Happy to link to your translation from the page, too, once you’re done.



Hello Serah,

I’ve just published it here:

Having a link to the translation on the main page would be a nice touch :slight_smile:



Hi Marco,

Adding a link to this on the About page today, thank you so much for getting it translated for us.

I asked one of our Portuguese-speaking team members to have a read, and he suggested two minor tweaks for the translation:

container -> contêiner, and containerization -> conteinarização

Thanks again for your contribution, Marco.

Have a great day!


Hello Marco,

I linked to your translation here

Thanks again for your contribution.


Hi @callmealien, about translations in general, there are a initiative to use Web Semantic? In the example of “containerization”, there are the

PS: when original content have some semantic markup (as done by Spotlight) at key concepts, the translations are automatic, and the contextual “semantic friction” reduced… It is valid also for OpenDefinition and Open Data Handbook contents.