A question about using data from news articles under a paywall in Sweden

This might be a question about media Law in Sweden (data protection/copyright) – and arguably very relevant to open data.

I want to do further analysis of the data and better visualisation of the chart —which appeared as part of a paywalled article in a Swedish news media. Is there any law that prohibits that?

As I understand, news media scrape from sites and write stories regularly in the interest of the public. In my case, it’s the same and I have paid for this information through subscription.

What are your thoughts?

@karthik Great!

Awesome! I don’t know exactly but from my experience it seems like everybody is copying everybody. But I don’t know if they have any collaboration deals with eachother.

I think in this case when you pay for it - that makes sense to be able to copy to some extent. I would check if the article is available at Internet Archive: Wayback Machine in a non-paywalled version and then try to scrape that.