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Welcome to the Open Knowledge Canada discussion group: @OKFNca - a place for conversations about local issues, events, and projects.

This discussion forum is one way we’re joining the dots2 in Open Knowledge across Canada. You can also:

Visit our web site : ca.okfn.org6
Follow us on Twitter : @OKFNca
Subscribe to our list : lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-ca

Ambassadors :

Montreal and Quebec region : Diane Mercier (#OKFestMTL)
Toronto region : Jury Konga (census)

See the projects and major events we contribute to:

#OKFestMTL, a co-located event, of the WWW2016.ca, april 11-15 at Montreal


Hi @dianemercier, I cannot find the category for Open Knowledge Canada in this forum. I guess you should request a new local group according to the topic by @Stephen. Then, you can move this topic to the appropriate category. Welcome, anyway! :smile:


Hi @jgkim,
I followed instructions in this How to Request a new Local Group
Maybe I misunderstood.

It will be great to add the subcategorie Local Groups - Canada. Than I can invite local contributors.


Sorry, @dianemercier. I was confused because of the title of this topic. I thought this topic should have gone to the category of Open Knowledge Canada. I guess it would be better to change the title to “Request a new category for Open Knowledge Canada”.

Anyway, I’ve created a category for you, following the instructions. However, since I don’t have appropriate privilege, I could not change the ownership of the About topic. I think our staff or volunteers can help change it soon.


Conversations about Open Knowledge Canada can now be held in the Canada Local Group.

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