How to Set up a new Local Group


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To set up a new Local Group, someone with appropriate privileges needs to:

  1. create a new category
  2. add initial topic text
  3. change topic ownership

Then people can start posting topics in the new Local Group.

1. Create a new category

If you have the appropriate privileges, you can create a new category

Make sure you add the Country name as the Category Name, “Local Groups” as the Parent Category, and for consistency Yellow for the Background colour.
The Category Slug should be “ok” + the two character Country code. E.g. “okau” for Australia.

Don’t press the New Category button yet! Go to the Images Tab and upload your Category Logo Image.

Now press the New Category button.

2. Add initial topic text

Go to the “About the CountryName category” topic and edit the topic to replace the default text. To edit you’ll need to access the Edit button by pressing the ... button

This will show the Pencil Icon for editing

3. Change topic ownership

Using the floating Spanner icon on the right of the page, select the topic

Press change ownership

Add the new owner and then, press change ownership.

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@Stephen, thank you for the great description.

You didn’t mention about Category Slug, but all the local groups except recently created Spain and Switzerland have used ‘ok’ + country code for their slugs. Do you think we should follow the rule, updating the slugs for Spain and Switzerland? What do you think about this, @nealbastek?

About the Local Groups category

That makes sense to me - sorry about the oversight. I have changed the instructions.

Regarding changing the existing slugs - we need to make sure we don’t break links into the site so this should be done in consultation with the category owner.

I have changed spain to okes as it didn’t have an owner or any topics.


How do i set up a new working group for cameroon?

Add Cameroon Local Group

Hi @Emmanuel


If you aren’t already connected to them, I suggest reaching out to the OK local group in Cameroon:

Here’s how to set up a local group here in the forum, (but I strongly encourage you to do this in collaboration of the local group in place):



Hi Stephen @Stephen

I don’t have appropriate privileges to create a new category, so how I create a new category for Iran?

Apologize for reviving this topic and thanks.


Hello. I can help with creating a new category.


Thanks Daniel.

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