About the Exploring the OK identity category

This category and all topics herein are motivated by my doctoral research (which I am conducting next to my work as technology for transparency and accountability consultant) focusing on the global OK community. I will use this space to explore OK and being able to directly engage with all of you for my research.

As an external researcher of the University of Amsterdam I am focusing on transnational activism and community building in relation to new information and communication technologies and global threats to civic rights and freedoms. Although I am looking at the dynamics of dispersed communication, coordination and action, eventually supported by new technologies, I am driven by a people focused approach and interest in transcending forms of identity formation, therefore departing from a civic perspective. I am interested in identity formation and shifting senses of belonging with expanded implications for dynamics beyond movement creation - towards aspects of direct, transnational democracy.For my research of transnational civic action and dispersed collaboration, Open Knowledge and its progressively global pervasion motivated by different thematic areas as well as a shared set of values is an interesting case to explore.

It will be interesting to investigate if OK (local groups, working groups, etc.) identifies itself differently in relation to each other (e.g. all us activisty individuals among ourselves and also in relation to other activist groups / non OK ‘branded’) and in relation to central.

Throughout various hangouts as well as other research methods to follow we will deep-dive into the OK community, its structures, motivations and activist souls or whatever it turns out to be.
Each hangout will have its own thematic threat where we will also post the hangout minutes, summary, analysis and further deriving questions to explore together with you in this communal space.

I will be incredibly thankful for your vital contributions and I promise to do my best to report back to you and be highly responsive to any potential questions, thoughts and concerns.