Adding a Poll in your post


There is a neat feature to add a poll in discourse.

Do you want to know how?

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For those that voted “yes”…

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@nealbastek @danfowler, Is it possible to limit voting to those with a specific badge? For example, could we limit voting on an issue related to Open Knowledge Australia to members with the OK Australia badge?

@Starl3n, @alysha_thomas would this be useful functionality in getting members engaged in our 2016 Strategic Planning?

I can imagine it being useful for Open Definition committee decision making also.


Not to my knowledge, the poll options are quite limited. One option could possibly be to make a given topic “unlisted”, embed the poll in the unlisted topic, and share the topic link only with people eligible to vote. WDYT @nealbastek?


I’ve made a (not so secret) unlisted topic containing a poll. Now I’m wondering how I would…

On the Groups page there’s no way to send an email to all OK Australia members and I didn’t find anything with a quick look in the Admin panel.

Assuming that the email forums are replaced by Discourse, how would I notify people entitled to vote?


I wouldn’t mind seeing others from around the network voting on polls within the Australian group, even if it only related to our local strategy. There is a lot of experience and knowledge here and it would be good to leverage it.

I also think there is trust to leverage, so if we had a question we wanted to put exclusively to those from Australia it should be fine to just mention that in the post and I’m sure people would respect the request :smile: