Adding Bar Graph to TimeMapper

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Basic answer is: yes, you could definitely adapt timemapper to do this. For example, to pull the size values and do a bar graph. It would take some coding work but not that hard to do.

Would you be able to help me to do so or point me in the right direction? I basically would like the layout to look something like a drawing that I did, but since I am a new user, I am not able to upload the image, unfortunately. Would you be willing to take a look if I email it to you? Thank you so very much.

@Rob unfortunately I don’t have much time to do technical assistance on this atm :-/ You are welcome to have a look at the code. If you were looking to sponsor the feature development we could ask to see if there was a developer up for doing this.

I don’t know very much about code but I’m wondering if I take a look would I be able to customize the layout so that instead of the time line being at the bottom I would have a photo cropped into a circle with a couple lines of text? And on top, to the left of the map I would have a custom graph fed by Google?

Yes, the page layout is pretty flexible. So just as we have a TimeMap, a Timeline and a Map only page layouts you could tweak like this. It will require some html + coding knowledge though and I won’t be able to provide much assistance right now :wink:

Thank you Rufus… I will try and ask around on other forums. Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps Github??

Definitely looking through the code is a good idea. You’ll want to look at how the various different views are currently implemented.

Hi Rufus,
Can you tell me where I can find the code for it? Thanks!