default license is not open


I’d always been assuming that was open access / open information. However, I just discovered via here that this is not the case:

Note: Most articles submitted to arXiv are submitted with the default arXiv license, which grants arXiv a perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute the article, but does not assign copyright to arXiv, nor grant arXiv the right to grant any specific rights to others. We are thus unable to grant others the right to distribute arXiv articles. If you build indexes or tools based on the full-text, you must link back to arXiv for downloads. A small fraction of submissions are made with other licenses and this information is available in the OAI-PMH metadata.

Any thoughts on this or any idea if arxiv are considering defaulting an open license?


It’s ~green open access. I’ve seen the license page at some point before, but always “knew” it was not open-as-in-open-definition open access, because it would be touted as one of the best examples of such, or of open licensing period, if it were.


Got you - I wonder if they would consider changing their default. It is now 2018 after all …?


To quantitate the problem see:


Just 3.42% of eprint uploads since 2015 choose a license that is not the default non-open arxiv-license .

The lead arxiv architect (Erick Peirson) seems both aware of the licensing problem and open to discussion. See ‘Bulk access via torrents?’