Asset Disclosure details

It seems that none of the existing cities (eg, San Francisco, Anchorage, Sacramento, Louisville, etc) that say they have posted open Asset Disclosure data have met the description.

All contain top level employee’s salaries only.

No other info on other top-level government officials, like investment information, prior and current business relationships, real estate interests, and personal income (including gifts and travel or speaking payments) is public. Also, I’m not sure what ‘top-level’ covers in the description, or if all this data should be disclosed for non-elected city officials.

So my questions are:

  1. Does a city have to post all of the above for Asset Disclosure to be valid?

  2. Isn’t disclosing all of that for non-elected city employees a bit of a privacy issue? I don’t think any city will ever do this.

  3. What is the definition of ‘top-level’?

Thanks for any input on this.

I’m an admin on the site so if these existing city’s don’t meet the requirements let me know and I’ll edit them.

Does anyone have feedback on this? I’m inclined to edit pretty much every US city that says they currently have Asset Disclosure open data requirements met because I don’t think any of them match the description of the category.

Just following up on this to see if the OKFN folks can provide some clarification on the defintion of Asset Disclosure. Thanks!

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Hi @civicdata,
It seems to me that this dataset is not common across all city census so the question is probably best posed to the team that created the US City Census. The contact email can be found on the US City Census FAQ page.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Stephen. I’ve sent an email to them, though I’ve never gotten a reply to emails sent to that address in the past (regaring admin/editor status, for example).

@hackyourcity - I’m flagging this one as well

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