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I am not sure this is the best place to submit, but I hope it is sufficiently open-science related. was a (demo?) deployment of the bibserver software made for sharing bibliographic data, but it’s offline since last year.

If anyone has more information about the status of this and other work done by the Open Bibliography working group (last post on the blog in 2013), it would be very welcome.

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I’m moving this into the newly created Open Bibliography sub-forum.


Good question. The Open Bibliography working group has been pretty quiet as of late. BibJSON, for instance, has been brought into OKFN Labs. Maybe @rufuspollock could comment on some of your questions. Also, the other contributors to the BibServer repo don’t appear to be registered in this forum.

I suspect that Mark MacGillivray who was owner here has let the domain and the app lapse. I think we should try to contact him to get it back. As you note bibjson has moved to labs and the same could happen with bibsoup if we had a new maintainer and Mark could transfer things over.


Is Mark still working on any other OKFN projects or working groups? His Twitter account seems vacated. Too bad…

No, Mark is not working on any projects at the moment with Open Knowledge. He is active at CottageLabs I believe and responds to pinging on e.g. github.

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