I am leaving OKI, but not the Open Knowledge Network



Dear community and network members,

3 and a bit years ago I started to volunteer at Open Knowledge as a moderator to the Open Government Data mailing lists. I was lucky that straight after graduating from the Oxford Internet Institute I started to work at Open Knowledge on the topic that was before my Master’s thesis - the Global Open Data Index. I have since then supported three editions of the Global Open Data Index and I am happy to see the evolution and changes it had, most of the thanks for your comments.

Also, in the last 18 months, I have been your community coordinator. I believe that community and networks can’t be managed, but they can be supported, and it was a great honour being your coordinator and support this wonderful work that you are all doing. I learned a bit more every day because of working with you, and I think that this is indeed one of the most incredible jobs in the world. I have not done half of what I planned with the community, but this work always keeps giving, and there will always be something else one can do for the community.

I believe that after coordinating 3 GODI and 3 Open Data Days, it is time for me to move forward and find new adventures. On May 15th I will leave OKI and start a new journey. I am not leaving that far though; I will still be around in the Open Data sphere. I will join the fantastic 360Giving staff in London as their new Labs and Learnings manager.

Until then, I will work hard on publishing the Index next week and support the GODI team, as well as make sure that @tlacoyodefrijol and @FrankaVaughan are up to speed with the network tasks.

To you, the OKI network, I wish to share more. Exchange ideas and methods and stories. Share concerns and fears. Make this network a place of even more growth.

See you around,


Thank you Mor for your help and congratulation for your new journey.



@Mor Great work with GODI these past few years and wishing you all the best at 360Giving.


Mixed feeling, Sad that you are leaving and happy for your new journey. Thank you @Mor for all the help, You are Awesome:slight_smile:


So sad to see you leave OKI @Mor :cry: You’ve done a fantastic job as a community coordinator, you’ve been such a strong motivation and inspiration for my involvement in the Open Knowledge Network.
Community coordinator is definitely a tough job with a strong turnover, I wish OKI will give it more support in the future (and its leader participate more in the community as well…)
Hope to see you soon!


Merci Samuel,

De mon côté, j’adapterai votre version française au contexte québécois
et/ou canadien, s’il y a lieu.



Thank you Mor your help, online-teaching and work with GODI.

We thank also, very much, all help in Brazilian Chapter communuty.

All the best at 360Giving!


All the best @Mor ! It was nice working with you.


@Mor you will be missed :cry:


:heart::clap: :hammer_and_pick:
Godspeed on your new journey!


Hello all!

Thank you for all of your kind words. They warmed my heart and made me excited.

Today is my last day at OKI, so I wrote this blog post. I also dedicated a section to you, the wonderful network - https://medium.com/@Morchickit/moving-from-one-open-data-journey-to-another-3471ba134196

I will still be around, though in very low capacity to help @dannylammerhirt to GODI project.

See you all around the forum and thank you for everything!