Call for examples: "The impact of open city data in the Global South"

Dear all,

together with Jonathan Gray I’m currently working on a paper depicting the social, democratic and environmental impact of open data in cities. We are looking for interesting examples of social movements, civil society groups or open data initiatives using open data as a supportive tool within their work (with a strong focus on cities in the Global South).

Interesting projects we’ve already contacted are “Map Kibera” in Nairobi or “596 Acres” in NYC (though an example from the US). Roughly we’d like to focus on these topics: local democracy, lobbying, public money, housing, social inequality, mapping more generally and pollution.

If you know of any interesting examples, or even work on own projects, I’d be very happy to hear about them! This will also help us to set a more citizen-centered agenda of open data.

All the best


when you say “Global South”, are you referring to the group of countries that are not defined by the “Global North”?
essentially, any country not of the 57 categorized in the Global North?
sorry, just not sure what you mean; search returned the following link, which is what I’m using for these definitions: