Can you unlock (delete) alredy made submissions?


Some entries are clearly wrong, I’ve made some mistakes too. Can somebody unlock them for me or should I submit corrections in the comments?


Hello! Sorry for missing this! Sure, I will reject them so you can resubmit



@Mor, could you please unlock the Legislation dataset submission for Brazil [1]? We have more information than what has already been provided by Peter Krauss. Besides, the actual content of his submission looks identical to the 2014 information. Is there anything new in it so we could “merge” properly if necessary?



I can reject the submission, but I need to know when are you going to submit it. Please contact me by mail asap -


I am submitting all of them as of right now.


Re-submitted by merging Peter’s information with the new information.

BTW, there seems to be a bug in the form there. When viewing a completed submission, the user is shown a side-by-side comparative thing that is supposed to show you some kind of before-after. But, instead, all it does is repeat the current submission on both sides. The content from the previous year is not shown at all. This is what misled me to think that Peter’s contribution was very similar to 2014, when if fact his contributions in 2015 are very significant.


yes, i noted the same issue on the isle of man