Cannot submit because B8 is required. But not in the national level

Hello all,

I submitted more than one dataset in Brazil’s national survey without filling question B8 (data formats). In those cases, data was available only in .pdf format, which is not on the list. Then I submitted and it was ok.

However, for the local census, this question seems to be required. I tried to submit a dataset withouth filling that question and it was not allowed with the message “question is required”.

Since the methodology is the same, this should not happen, just like the national level.

Could you help me with that?
@tlacoyodefrijol @Mor @arielkogan

@tlacoyodefrijol could you help him please? @Wagner_Faria_de_Oliv

Hello all!

I still have got no answer here. We are not able to submit datasets because of this!