Change contact email in discuss when this email is no longer available

Hi there,

Was wondering how to change my contact email in the forum in order to receive email notifications etc… Seems that this change requires an access to the original email used to create the account in discuss, which is not the case for me. Is there a way an admin can change it ? ( @danfowler ? :wink: )


I can do it!

PM me the new address please!


I don’t check my gmail as often since I’m working on an Apple phone.

Plus, I have nothing really left to hide so this is my first attempt to work with group/affiliates, so please help me out if I start to compromise any functions in which would hurt or compromise my licence in any way please e-mail me with fires of direct or exactly what I’m in violation or possible infringement of violating. It is not my intent to hurt or embarrass any government entity or bring other unneeded party’s to conspiracy type thinking. So help me God.

constraint or work loads to others in this Gael needed platform

HI @JD.Wilcox! You can change the email yourself in the settings menu.