Commenting on Global Open Data Index Submissions?

I tried to find an example of the level of detail required for the Government Spending metric. I had a look at the submission for Taiwan but it does not seem to be very detailed (you get an excel sheet with only 140 rows in it which unlikely represents detailed government spending). There is no way to comment on it though. What happens if the reviewer will miss this kind of information?

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Same Question from Austria. We had a wrong submission in regards for licensing in one dataset (re-distribution is not permitted). How to move on from here? Would be nice to have a way to comment submission or to create another one by yourself.

@stefankasberger @peterkz If you made the submission yourselves and think it will be better to just restart it, I can reject it and open it again. Otherwise, you can create the discussion using the new feature to discuss the submission further, so reviewers can modify as required. Commenting on submissions update

thanks for this solution. we will start a topic.

We could see more information in the below link補助