Entry for Government Spending / Romania


This is a discussion about the submission for Government Spending / Romania.

To reviewers:

Data can be downloaded in bulk from the data portal hence B5 should be changed to Yes.

B9 should be changed to 3 (Little to no effort is required).


This one is completely wrong - and silly. The data is procurement data (this is the wrong part). The reviewer says it in the comments but the entry is still accepted (the silly part).

Romanian government does not publish spending data at transactional level. It should be 0% open.


Hi @ovoicu,

You are right, and I’ll get back to our reviewer to discuss this further. I will change the result and verify if this happened more often. This shouldn’t have happened.

Thank you for the pointer


@ovoicu - I really appreciate all of your feedback so far (keep it coming), but can we keep it constructive? Some of the contributors took their time to submit for the index and using words like “silly” is not really encouraging, especially when they asked for feedback.