Multiple submissions

It looks like the index doesn’t allow multiple submissions. I.e. if the info was submitted once, nobody is ever able to submit another submission even if the data is wrong.

I’m wondering, why is this a case? Why multiple submissions aren’t allowed?

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Hi Vanuan,

We decided to allow only one submission because in previous years that gave room to confusions and undesired changes. What we decided to do now is allow for a more thorough discussion instead of multiple changes in an entry. Of course, we’re open to changing that next year if the community doesn’t find it useful.

Does this mean we can offer corrections to the submissions and they would be considered in the evaluation? I found quite a few mistakes in some of the entries.

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that is correct @yurukov, we will use every discussion from each dataset in the review process to make sure all the information is correct. If you find any errors please add them to the discussion about such dataset.

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In the FAQ, under the question “How can I correct an existing entry in the Index?” it states:
“One a submission has been made, no other submission can be added to that dataset until it will be reviewed. However, you can comment on a submission that is awaiting review and flag important information to the reviewer.”
How do you “flag important information to the reviewer”? Is this an essential step to have a comment on a submission officially recognized?

hi @jorenstein, we mean commenting on the submissions so reviewers can identify missing pieces of information. The way to do that is here Commenting on submissions update