Contributions only possible with a Facebook or Google account?


Dear Open Data Index team,

I am really surprise to see that this year’s contribution to the index is only possible with a Facebook or Google account.

Is this not in opposition to the values of Open Knowledge and the objectives of the Open Data Index?

As far as I am concerned, and by principle, I will not login with a Google or Facebook account to this year’s Open Data Index.



Hi @pzwsk for this year we needed to add some kind of authentication for the people who submitted. The submissions can still be done anonymously and we don’t store any information from the user.


Thanks for you reply,

Ok on the need for authentication but you understand that only relying on
FB and Google as auth services for the Open Data Index is somewhat
The message being: “Ïf you want to contribute to the Open Data Index, you
need to register and give your ID to those proprietary and enclosing
platforms that are FB or Google”.

I have in mind at least one submitter who do not have any of those accounts
and who has been a regular contributor to the Index since the first one.
My point is that we should stand firm on those “little details” and not
sending the wrong message.

Best regards