Crowdsourcing journal subscription cost data


Hopefully you’ve joined this topic because you’d like to contribute to an effort to crowdsource and collate information on journal subscription and open access APC costs. You can sign up at the wiki [1] and add datasets there. This thread is to introduce yourself, describe your attempts to obtain data in more detail, share what has worked and what hasn’t and offer each other support and advice.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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Sounds really interesting. Do you have a simple shared spreadsheet for contributing information people find (or are you just recording the info on the wiki)?

A spreadsheet would be useful to systematically map the actions in different countries.

In Finland we have made a FOI request to universities and they turned it down. We have left an appeal to court.

The blog post highlighting current work is now up:

I was anticipating people could add their names and links to their datasets to the wiki page.

A spreadsheet would be most useful if people were collecting data in the same format, in this case the info is likely to be really heterogeneous. Once we see what is coming in it might be worth setting something up but I think for now wiki is best. I’m documenting instructions etc on there.

If someone with more imagination than me can come up with a useful setup for a centralised spreadsheet then do create one, I tried playing but it quickly gets complicated.

The wiki now includes advice for contributing and a hopefully easier to understand structure:

Sounds sensible and instructions and info look great Jenny!