Open Knowledge Reading List and Network Learning

Hello community and network!

I just thought of it the other day that I would like to share some reading recommendations to grow the activity of the open-movement. I believe that the sharing of knowledge within the network is key to creating a learning organization that constantly builds capacity with its people and work.

There is a good start for a longer reading list on the Open Knowledge Wiki. Please check it out, contribute with your recommendations and external lists connected to the fields connected to our purpose.

There was an existing list which there is a link to on the wiki. The one who has a backup - please add it to the wiki:

Edit: @Mor suggested using Github and put it at Open Data Resources


Hi @mattias, great idea!

Why not to use the open data handbook resource library? Resource can be added easily by using Github, and it already have a bunch of interesting reading- Open Data Resources


Good suggestion :slight_smile:

I must admit though that I find the Open Data handbook resource page harder to get a good overview of things than looking at a Wiki Page. And I somehow feel as the Wiki should be a more quantitive list of Open Data reads and the resource page of the Open Data Handbook as more a curated qualitative list.

But maybe that’s just me. I’m not sure which one gets updated more frequently.

I would like to use it yes but I feel a bit like @PJPauwels describes it, overview is easier through the wiki. However, organisationally it would be smarter to have one place. I feel like the OpenDataHandbook is more for new visitors and beginners as an introduction or what is the purpose?
Although there should definitely be an encouragement to contribute to the Open Data Handbook resources. :smile:

I would like to add more nerdy and geeky books on wiki like
Open Data Now by Joel Gurin,
The Open Organization by Jim Whitehurst
The Net Delusion by Evgeny Morozov

In my opinion, having multiple tools can cause confusion, and I prefer to stick and centre our efforts around one thing rather than many.

The Open Data Handbook can fit beginners, but it can should also other levels, it’s what we, as a network and community make of it. The code is on Github, so it’s really easy. :slight_smile:

The question is how do we want to change it so it will fit better?

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Big +1 to @mor - let’s focus our efforts on the handbook. For the reading list we have the Resource Library especially: Open Data Resources

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+1 Exactly what I wanted to get with - the challenge of multiple tools.

Great, I can contribute there! I just thought some of my readings recommendations may not be merged, but I guess I’ll see when I do PR. :slight_smile:

I think it will all be fine, we don’t have a strong editorial guidelines when it comes to the resource library (Frankly, there was no need for them so far). So I think all will be fine. If someone want to help with editing the handbook, please let me know!

I don’t know how to classify these on the OpenDataHandbook. I don’t see how they fit into Privacy, Basics, Standards etc. Can I create new topics like “Organization”, “Democracy” and “Economics”?

Yes! Feel free to do so.